Thursday, August 17, 2017


So many times I have seen God at work with this project but some times... just some times, I take control (LOL) and forget that He has it all under control and I STRESS OUT!  Have you ever heard the saying that you should not do a reconstruction on a house until you have been married for 5 years and not build a home until you have been married for 10?  .. Well - as I said in my last post - I am engaged and planning on getting married in this home next Spring,

My fiance Mike is an angel about it all.... and by all, I mean keeping me grounded when the contractors do not get things done on time - sometimes do not even show up, up charge for stuff,  ALL of the choices you have to make.. and boy oh boy - it can be so stressful knowing that if you make one wrong pick - it will either cost you thousands of dollars to change it or you will just have to live with something you don't like....EEEEKKKKKKK!

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