Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lots of New Progress!

Three major things are going on with the house right now!
1. The Iron railing is being installed.  I chose this design because I was concerned that if I chose something too ornate - it would look too Italian in design. The staircase will have a wooden handrail mounted atop the X's.

This is the railing along the landing

This is the exterior railing for outside the larger upstairs balcony

..and this is the railing for the Juliet balcony.  

2.  The cabinet and door fronts are being installed!

The driveway, walkways and courtyard concrete are going in as well~ (Mike photobombed my pic...LOL)

This is the view looking from the front door of the house out to the front yard.

This will be a half circle step down from the back porch. 

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