Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Had the meeting with the painter today and I can't wait to say GOOD-BYE to that ugly yellow siding!!  The house will be painted white with black trim!.. good ole Southern colors!  He may even be able to start next week.  The job will take about 10-12 days and that is if the weather is good.

Also met with the AC guy.  Need to do one little update since the first part was put in over 2 years ago and the requirements have changed just a bit.  Also going to add a filter to keep the coils clean.  Not sure how technical I should go with the controls though.... I am a pretty low tech girl!

Waiting to hear back from the septic guy and hoping the concrete guy will get a bid in pretty quickly.  I know that one is going to be quite $$$$.....eeeeekkkkkk.

Off to meet with the flooring guy....

.....and YES - that is how I have all these guys listed in my phone!

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