Thursday, June 15, 2017

3 Steps Forward and 1 Step Back...

UGGHHHH... So the painter came to start caulking the seams of the house and found several areas that needed to be nailed down in the siding.  He also pointed out several places were the trim was not finished - something you really don't notice until it is painted - so it must be fixed before the paint goes on!...... sigh - another delay... So the framer is coming back out to do all of these corrections on Saturday.

On the bright side - my Grand kids are coming for a month from Germany next week!!!  Since I cannot be with them on their actual birthdays - I am going to have an early party here and just for fun....for both adult and child I will be renting this:

It is almost 30 feet high and if you go down it fast enough - you can actually get a bit air born!...or air sick!!

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