Friday, August 22, 2014

Space Center..

You have to admit that that is what our attic space looks like as the AC flex tubing is going in!!!

They are suppose to finish up this weekend.

The framer will have to build frames around chutes like these that bring the air from the attic units down to the first floor.  I am hoping that it will bring character into the rooms and not make them just look odd!

The plumber came back to install the shower valves and he is done now for a while.

Framer: finish the laundry chute, put in the last window, frame around the AC tubing.
Front door: installed by a different guy (not the framer)
Me:  I need to paint the upstairs French Doors on the exterior
Me:  I need to select tile for the outdoor porches.
Me:  I need to hire someone to build the railings for the porchs
Electrician needs to be hired after a few more bills are paid.

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