Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Few More Details..

Remember that I said I had to buy landscaping bricks to use to keep the soil from eroding out from under where the outdoor AC units will be placed - well here they are:

I like them and they give a nice neat appearance for a very good price of $1.48 each!

The dining room window finally arrived and was put in!

It is funny how I love the intimate places in the home and my husband is more drawn to the large open areas.  Must have something to do with that Venus and Mars thing!

I snapped this picture of what the old fashioned crank windows look like when they are opened.

Thank you Lord!!!  I love my house - I love my house!!

For those of you who have asked me when out house will be done.  I do not have an answer for that.  We are building this home project by project.  The next contractor to be hired will be the electrician, but I have to get an idea of where we are with costs first.  The AC guy gave me a labor bid, but we ended up having to get more flex tubing and other supplies from him for this job (more $$).  The flex tubing that is running down the walls of the second story from the attic down to the first floor will have to have framing build around them - so that means more lumber costs and more framing costs.  Also - although I have paid to have the hurricane clips installed - they  have yet to be delivered for the installation... so more $$??  Still waiting for my plumbers bill too!
The electricians bid is not exact because when we added the 2nd story porch, we also added lighting.  Along with a few other revisions, I just need to watch costs.

Soon - I will get to do a few DIY projects as well.  Nothing too technical though.


vivian said...

it really is coming along quite fast I think. Of course Im not right there watching every day, so to me it seems like it anyways! the pavers or stones or bricks.. (whatever they are called) are perfect.
I guess the answer to when it will be done... is when its done! lol!
What are you going to do with the house youre in now Julie?
keep posting girlfriend! I love watching it all come together!

L.Williams said...

Loving the windows!