Thursday, July 3, 2014


Yesterday no work was done.  Actually later in the morning 2 guys showed up and then left.  I did not know what was going on and this concerned me - not becuase they wanted some time off - but because I was not told and I have a plumber scheduled to come today to rough out the house and he said all the roof decking needed to be up before he could start!

I went down and looked at what they had completed and all of the roof above the areas of the house above the kitchen and laundry and most of the bathrooms were decked.  The only exception was the master bath.  Thankfully today 3 guys are back down there working and already have that area decked.  Now just waiting on the plumber to get here.  We decided to change out a pretty basic shower/tub combo for a free standing tub in one of the upstairs bathrooms since the other bathroom is a shower only.  I have yet to purchase any tubs or faucets for that matter.. so I do not know if I am going to go with a claw foot tub or one with a base.

I also talked to the gentleman who is going to be doing the fireplaces.  We do not have access to gas, and I was not interested in sinking propane tanks into the ground for this, so we opted for old time real wood burning fireplaces.  We have so much forrest, there is never a shortage of wood.  Apparently, becuase of the ash dumps we are going to use, the fireplaces have to have more mason work than expected, but that is non-negotiable for me.  I am not going to haul dirty ashes through the house every time I have to clean a fireplace.  In case you do not know what I am referring to, this is an ash dump:

This goes in the floor of the fireplace.  The door flips open and you just shove the ashes down into the opening.

..then you use one of the above type exterior doors on the outside of your fireplace.. when the dump area is full, you open this door and scoop out the ashes.  I put them in my flower beds since it is a good source of potassium or potash... but you must only use wood as I am not sure what those fire starter logs would do to plants.

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donna baker said...

Are you contracting all this yourself? What a hard job. Even with a contractor, things don't jive when they are supposed to. It galled me to have the contractor walk through twice a day and charging me $100. a trip, but he had all the contacts and headaches, so I guess it evened out.