Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Guess You Can Say..

..that we are all decked out!

So here is the front.  Don hates the color of the siding so much he made me promise that I would never ever want to paint the house this color...ha ha

Here is the back view.  You can really see the upstairs porch that we added now.

..and here is the porch viewed from the inside of the house. 

Thank you Lord!  I am getting so excited again... even though the plumber did not show up today - putting me off until Monday and I had to reschedule the roofer until Tuesday... it does not matter... I AM STILL SO EXCITED!!
Oh - and I found out that most of our windows have arrived at BMC.  We are now only waiting on the 3 speciality windows so they will all be delivered together.
Donna - to answer your question.. we have hired an consultant instead of a contractor.  Since we already live on the farm and I go down to the build site several times a day, this was a good option for us and it saved us a lot of money.  I kind of share the headaches with the consultant!!

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