Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Let The Roofing Begin!

These guys really impressed me!!  They must have been here at 5AM!  Every single bundle of roofing is already hauled atop the roof, the tar paper is almost done and they have started nailing in the shingles on the back of the house!

Yeah - one down!!!... Now waiting on the plumber to get here.. the windows to be delivered, the chimney guy to get here and we went ahead and decided to get a dumpster delivered.  It should arrive today as well.  The framer crew will arrive later today too.  I know I can count on them!

I am sure I will post again later today.


Gretchen Holloway said...

It's looking good, so far. I hope that your new roof will serve you well in times of forthcoming extreme environmental conditions. I'll be waiting for your updates. All the best!

Gretchen Holloway @ America's Choice Roofers

Pleasance Faast said...

The roof serves as the helmet of the house. It is what protects the house from the elements and other natural calamities. So installing it properly is a must. And it’s good to know that your contractor managed to do just that. How is it, so far? Any roof-related problems recently?

Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roofing

Nicole Morgon said...

Building of rooftop upgrade the estimation of your property so be minding and keep it keep up with Roof Leak