Saturday, July 5, 2014


..or is it chimnies??  Oh well - the guys just finished putting in the one in the library and putting the siding on all of them!  Humm - time to get a dumpster too!

We hoped that these 2 back exterior chimney's could be conbined, but they were just too far apart.  One is in the master bedroom and the other in the den.

Thank you Lord that we dodged a big bullet.  Most of our area was hit by a huge rain storm both Thursday and Friday.  We only got a trace of it.  Blessing for us since the roof shingles are not yet on.  I do not want anything else to get wet.
I think after the plumber roughs out the plumbing and the roofer gets his job done, we might have a lul in the building.. at least until the full order of windows gets here....and the last minute add on of french doors to the upstairs bedroom may hold up the door order a bit..Still trying to find a chimney guy.

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vivian said...

Two fireplaces? How awesome! I'm glad the weather has cooperated!
Hope you had a nice 4th of july! Xoxo