Saturday, June 21, 2014

Finishing Up The Roof Framing... the roof decking will continue this next week.. (decking is when they put plywood on the roof)... something I just learned this week!

So this is the front view - which has not changed much..

..but when you get closer you can see the support beams in the roof line.  This is the 1 car garage and the portico.

..I love this!  This is the library.

..and this is the back of the house - looking through to the front door.. which by the way has been framed out for the wrong size doors... :0(


vivian said...

Do you have two garages? And are they going tofix theirmistakefor for the right door? I thinki. Going to haveto comevisit when itsall done cause I'm so excited for you! (Don't mind all my mistakes I'm using my tablet.and I don't fee, like fixing themaall!) Lolhavea great weekend!

usman khatri said...

I love this! I can't wait for a late summer update on all of the wonderful things you've grown!

usman khatri said...

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