Thursday, May 29, 2014

Framing Day 4

..Well - you are probably getting bored by these pictures and the ones I am about to post are very odd looking!  As you can tell by all the water, we had a huge storm that passed through our area and it rained for days.... which I am so thankful for because we sure needed it!  However, like I said you can see the standing water and all of the extra bracing the guys put up prior to the storm getting here.

So this first picture is taken where I always stand out in front.  Normally you can see right through where the front doors will be to the back where there will be tons of large windows.  the 'view' is getting obstructed by the bracing.

This is the view of the house from the back yard.  There are 5 sections, from left to right is the master sitting room, the master bedroom, the den through the back portch, then the kitchen eating area and the exercise room.  You can see it .... right????  ha ha

No - nothing exploded!  This is bracing in the library.
One really noticable think they did today was to get the beams over the portico... but with all that bracing, you may not be able to tell where the portico is!!!

I am glad to have them back to work.  We are still waiting on the 38' main beam to be exchanged for the incorrect one.  I pray it comes tomorrow.  If I understand correctly, once it is in place they can start on the second story framing soon after.

Thank you Lord!!!

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