Thursday, March 14, 2013

Early Easter Egg Hunt!

Emily, Daren and the kids came down for a weeks vacation...and oh my gosh we have had so much fun!!
Since we will not be together at Easter - we decided to just have out own little Egg Hunt.  Here is Don and Daren doing the manly job of hiding the eggs.  I was peeking through the window.
 Hope the colorful eggs over by the chicken coop don't confuse the hens!
To say the kids were impatient ....
                                                   ..well that was a huge understatement!

down the stairs we headed..
and Daren made them turn around and close their eyes until he said "GO".
                                                                  ..and they were off
                                                      hey Madison, I think you missed one

1 comment:

vivian said...

oh fun!! I cant wait til my grand pies are old enough to have egg hunts. Torry probably is already.. sort of, but marla not yet.
your grand kids are adorable!
hope all is well Julie.
have a great weekend