Saturday, June 16, 2012


Don has an abcessed tooth. It is not as simple as it sounds. The meds he is on have been hard on his teeth. Since his platelet count is so low, he cannot have an extraction done in the dentists office. He has to be checked into a hospital and have 1 or 2 platelet transfusions prior to the extraction, have an IV of antibiotics and spend the night to make sure the bleeding is completely stopped before returning home. This also cannot be done in a regional hospital, but must be done in the Medical Center in Houston. After our apointment with the liver doctor, we had to go and see a dental surgeon. He gave Don 3 prescriptions and we made arrangements to go to the hospital. I thought we were all set to get it taken care of until we found out the bad news.... our insurance company denied the claim prior to the surgery. I was more than angry. A dentist will not touch Don and the hospital will not allow us to check in unless the insurance will cover here my poor husband sits with an abcessed tooth, wigged out on medication. To top it off, for some reason, Don is now running a fever. I do not know if it is separate or something having to do with the tooth - but he has been in a bad way all weekend. Don had his blood work done again recently and again his platelets dropped - now down to 32,000. Now I understand why he has been getting nose bleeds almost daily. The dental surgeons office is fighting for us. They are sending the blood work back to the insurance company as reason for this needing to be done in the hospital and not as a simple dentist office procedure. Please keep Don in your prayers.


Helen said...

He is right there at the top of my list!

vivian said...

I prayed!!
Hope Don feels better soon. The insurance companys are crazy!