Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keeping on Track..

5 months into his treatment, Don is doing well. He has good days and bad both physically and mentally. The bad days are hard on both of us, but we keep reminding ourselves of how far he has come and that it will be over soon.

I have been working a lot with the transition of Continental Airlines becoming United Airlines. No doubt, it has been very stressful on me. To counter that, I have been showing Oliver. It is expensive but I sure do enjoy it.

Thankfully Don purchased a long term disability insurance policy before he was diagnosed. It kicks in in about 2 months. Like a lot of people, we failed to read the small print and assumed that it would pay what it said.. 60% of what he used to make. That along with social security disability would more than tide us over.. After reading the small print though we have discovered that the policy covers the difference between what SS pays to the amount that adds up to 60% of Don's pay... rolling eyes..

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Dianne said...

Always something! You will learn to really pay attention to the fine print as this disease progresses. G just got out of the hospital. What a week!