Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rough Day...

My birthday is March 17th. Did I ever tell you that? Yep - that's right .. on St. Patrick's Day...and on this next birthday I will be 50. Now that is significant for more than just the fact that it is the big 5-0 for me.. It is also the date that I could leave Continental Airlines with Early out. Like Early retirement with lifetime flight benefits. In the back of my head I always thought that this would be the time that I would venture out and do something a bit different career - wise ...

That is no longer an option. Our health insurance is with my job.

In a mere 17 days Continental Airlines will effectively become United Airlines...the largest airline in the world. I work in a very specialized department with only 1 other woman and today we found out that we will be responsible to handle the operations of 2 additional departments along with the agents of those other departments trying to learn our function as well...all in 17 days. There is also a very large possibility that our little department will be given to the United Airline counter parts. That is hard on me because I love my job.

Today was EXTREMELY stressful... to the point of tears..

When I got home, I let out a big sigh as Don hugged me. He too had a rough day. He was not feeling well and having to fight off chemical induced depression.

I could not wait to slip into a nice hot tub of water. When I started to run the water, I noticed that the water was not draining. I turned it off to investigate. I grabbed a tool we have to clear out a clogged drain. My heart sank as I realized it was Don's beautiful hair that was clogging the drain. The drugs he has been taking since October are taking their toll.

deep breath....

sorry guys .. I am feeling sorry for myself this evening.

"Everything works for good for those who love the Lord." This has been my prayer today.


vivian said...

I was feeling sorry for myself this morning.. wrote a long post and deleted it. sometimes life is hard, sometimes its depressing.. sometimes it just really sucks.. but julie, we know were in gods hands and we will keep on keeping on.. always trying to make things better for ourselves in what ever little ways we can. because.. thats what we do..
On top of difficult life situations... its february..February is a dreary depressing month.
wish we lived close enough to sip a cup of tea together!
but I'm thinking of you and Don.. and will send up a prayer in a few minutes when I crawl into bed..
sweet dreams my friend.

CG said...

The employee-owned company I have worked for for almost 18 years was just recently bought out by a huge international corporation.

I had no idea how much I liked my job as it was before.
So far the changes have been somewhat minimal but it is "different.

Last week our personal photos were removed from our computers and some "motivational" business gibberish was put on. It flashes and scrolls and is almost migraine inducing if you don't keep moving the mouse!

This week we found out we can no longer have a cup of coffe or bottle of water at our desks. Seriously!

Your situation is much much more serious, I feel a little silly for all the "venting" I was doing at dinner tonite about our stupid new rules!

Sending positive thoughts your way.

RiderWriter said...

Oh, man... I am SO sorry. Our health insurance is also through my job, so I need to keep it. I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best after the merger. I expect it will be rough, but you are a tough cookie, and you are always welcome to vent here on your own blog. :-) Hope Don is getting better with that regime... sad about his hair but it will come back.

CG - that is Bullsh*t. No coffee or water? Truly, that's got to be one of the STUPIDEST rules I've ever heard. My company has given me logo coffee cups AND water bottles that we're SUPPOSED to use!

Michelle said...

Hugs to you Julie!!

Dianne said...

Julie I am just now reading this post. I do hope you are feeling better today. Our week has been terrible too. G is getting worse. We go back to the doctor Friday. I am hoping his meld score is higher than ever. We are soooo ready to move on. Keep the faith sweetie. All will be well. Email me when you need to talk. I can so relate!

Nina Diane said...


Justabeachkat said...

Hi sweet friend!

Finally found some time to play "catch up" with a few blog friends.

Sorry you've been under stress. Me too. But I keep plugging along and I know you are too.

Guess what? Our anniversary is on your birthday! I hope you have something special planned since it's a BIG birthday for you this year.


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