Monday, February 20, 2012

My Valentine's Day Flowers

Don has always bought flowers for me on Valentine's Day, and usually he buys roses. These are the roses he bought for me this year.

I have received every kind of roses from him... like the ones that completely collapsed the very next day or the ones that were delivered smashed and I refused to take delivery of them because of what I knew Don must have spent on them...

..and then there were these beauties..which in my opinion are the most beautiful roses I have ever received..because.. you see.....these pictures were taken today... 6 days past the day he purchased them!!!


Dianne said...

The roses are holding up very well. Wish I could say the same about us. ha!

nancygrayce said...

They are beautiful! Sure have stayed pretty!

RiderWriter said...

WOW, you aren't kidding! I did get any myself, but the lady for whom I'm a caregiver did. They came un-vased in a box, from 1-800-Flowers I think. Lovely mix of colors but a number of them were drooping by the very next day, I've had to throw out several, and the rest all look quite pitiful now. Yours are splendid!

shelly said...

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Waseem said...

Like all the pictures..especially the red roses looks beautiful.

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