Sunday, December 25, 2011

Opening Gifts

Joy bought a house a few years ago. It was in good shape and it a great neighborhood, but it needed a bit of updating. Most people would not think a modern kitchen faucet was a great Christmas gift...

..but Joy did!

Blake and Joy love to entertain, especially in the Summer. Recently Blake bought a wonderful bar-b-que pit, so we thought he would enjoy this outdoor game...

..called (and I HATE this name) Corn Hole!

I love this picture because it proves that opening Christmas gifts is a lot of fun - even for adults!

Here is Don opening up a weather station. He had one a couple of years ago that we both really enjoyed, but hurricane Ike killed it!

My 'Big' gift was a riding corset that both our daughters bought for me. I have posted all about it on the Riding Aside blog. This gift however, was hinted for too. It is a hand painted flat swing. I can't wait to hang it in one of the beautiful old oak trees!
Each of us received several more gifts, but I did not get pictures of them all. This was a wonderful Christmas that could have only been improved if Emily, Daren, Madison and Trestin were here with us.


Justabeachkat said...

Looks like your Christmas was a special one!


Mom2fur said...

Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! I have to laugh at how you hate the name "Corn Hole" for that game. My mom lives in Ohio and we visit once a year from Long Island, New York. There's a little Amish store that sells this game and we always crack up at the weird name. Seriously, what's wrong with "Bean Bag Toss," LOL?
Happy New Year!