Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last Week At The Auction...

Honestly.. I should just post about this subject on a weekly basis. I LOVE going to antique auctions! Don said that soon I will have enough 'stock' to open up my own store! The reality is that I am shopping, not just for small collectables, but for the house we want to build.

Sadly, I do not have a picture of a table I purchsed. It is a beautiful victorian table that you would put in the entry foyer!

I really wanted this set of benches... but someone else wanted them a bit more than I did!

If you look at our Christmas pictures, you can see a small part of a very large collection (Thanks to my Grandmother!!) of hand painted bone china. This serving dish will fit right in with that collection.

..and I had to have this antique metal frame. My great great grandparents wedding picture is in a frame just like this one.. but my brother has it displayed at his home. No hurt feelings though.. because now I can just get a copy of the picture and put it in this one!


Dianne said...

Hi Julie, Hope all is well after the busy Christmas celebrations. Thought of you two. Happy New Year! Dianne

Mary Ann said...

Absolutely love your finds, my husband groans when I bring things home, so I am trying to do them sparingly. I LOVE bone china!