Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OM Gosh - Having SO Much Fun!

Update on the Farm:

STILL waiting for the fencing to get here so we can proceed with that. 2 weeks turned into 4 when we increased the product order. Well - 4 weeks was the 12th of October... so now I am hearing 4 to 6 weeks. Uggghh -

Oh well - lot of OTHER great things going on to distract us. First of all, the electric poles are in and done!! They do not look intrusive where they are located following the boundary fence line and only one limb on one tree had to be trimmed!

We are going to wait until all of the bills come in for the fencing before we go ahead with the water well...

BUT - the best news is that we met with the builder (also an architect) to discuss what we wanted in a house several weeks ago and he gave us the preliminary drawings for our dream house!! This is where the real fun begins for me. I love to look at them and in my minds eye, walk through the house. In doing this, I have made changes to the plans so that views into one room from another are just as beautiful as the room is itself!

For instance, I moved the kitchen opening to get a view of the kitchen from the family room to look like this:

We used this picture to create our bedroom:

In fact, we found the multiple ideas for our dream home on the Internet. What a wonderful tool!

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