Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mud Room

Don is having a hard time dealing with going on leave for a year. Actually, according to his doctor, he should ALREADY be on leave! He loves to work. He is really good at what he does and has so many people who enjoy working with him that don't really want him to leave either - even if it is only for a while. We both know that his job will not be waiting for him when he gets back and I think that worries him.

Sooo - We had to have a long talk this morning.

The short version of it is that he told me that he feels guilty because he knows how much I want this house. After all, we have been waiting to build it for about 8 years now....

I told him that I don't want the house if he is not there to enjoy it with me. I also told him that I was fine with waiting and that while we are, I could put the final touches on every single room in our dream that we would not ever say, "I wish we had done this differently".. or that we had rushed into building and missed important details that we wanted.

So - with that in mind:

Soon, I will post a picture of the house plans we are playing with. There is an entrance from the Portico (fancy word for car port!) and that area is labeled Mud Room. It is a small space where if you were to walk to the left, you will end up in the laundry room...Opps - I mean the UTILITY room; and if you take a right turn, you will end up in the bathroom and if you go straight you will walk into the kitchen!

Well, giving consideration to the fact that I am often muddy dirty, either from the horses or from gardening, I thought it would be a good idea to really utilize this space... hence the full bathroom in very close proximity!

Anyway - I thought something like this would be very handy in that space... but it has to have an equestrian flair to it. maybe I could borrow some ideas from this picture to display some of my less expensive horse collectibles!

Oh,.. and how about something like this for the back door instead of something plain!


Nicole said...

I love the pictures.
I can't wait to see what you come up with. I've always thought it's silly to have a mud room and not have a barroom near by. When you come in all dirty you can put your clothes in the washer, but then you have to run through the house to take a shower. Makes much more sense to have the bathroom in the same area.

Nicole said...

I'm also praying for both of you. I'm sorry to hear that Don will loose a job he obviously loves and does well. But I'm sure god will provide a way. Hugs to both of you.

Dianne said...

I am worried more about Don than the house. It will come with time. His health is MOST important and I know you feel the same. Taking a year of leave will give his body much needed rest ( even though he may not feel he needs it). He will see. Retiring has restored Garland's health to the point that even his doctors are amazed. Stress is a killer. So happy for him. I have felt he was working too long knowing what I know. This leave is a good thing! Perhaps after his health is restored a new job direction will be waiting for him. xoxo Dianne