Friday, September 30, 2011

Soooo Slowwww..But Progress!


.. that is the best way I can describe the progress of everything at the farm. For weeks we have been working with the electric company to get poles set and electricity to the back of the farm... long story short - they staked it out in one place where we discovered that several of our beautiful tree would not just have to be trimmed... but more like massacred! So we went before the neighborhood board to see if we could get the lines put in on the right-of-way instead. They agreed!!! Then I had to have the guy come back out to re-stake the property and now we finally have a start date. They will set6 the poles on Thursday the 6th of October - Woo Hoo!!! Oh yeah - BTW .. it is not costing us $8,000... but closer to $9500.00 Oh my - getting dizzy .. need to sit down!

Don's first month of medicine is going to be here on Monday the 3rd of October. He is going to take his first dose on Saturday, the 8th. The cost of the medicine if we did not have insurance.... over $23,000.00 A MONTH! Will cost us $55.00 co-pay and the pharmacy is working on getting approval to have 2 of the 3 co-pay's eliminated so the final cost will only be $5.00 a month. Every little bit helps since Don may not be able to work while he is on these meds.

Some new horse fencing and the replacement of a lot of old broken fencing will happen soon - I hope. The materials have been ordered - be we still do not have a start date for it all. Thanks to our very good friend Butch Smith for all the work he has done clearing away the old fence, and doing lots of tractor work to prep the areas! God has been with this man every moment - because I have never seen anyone work so hard.. in such heat and just keep on going!!! What a blessing.

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