Friday, September 30, 2011

Likes and Dislikes..

As we gather ideas and items to build our dream home, I have been on the search for bloggers who like some of the things that I do.. It has become more of a challenge than I thought it would. You see, there are tons of Interior Designer blogs.. but most cater to the 'mob'.. IOW - they cater to what most people are trending right now. I can find that in the latest magazine on display at the grocery store. There are a few exceptions .. Cote de Texas being one. My next search had to do with Equestrian blogs - again, I came up empty.. finding blogs only about horses, barns and I even found one written from the prospective of the horse! So onward I search. If you know of a blog I might like from the list below - please let me know!

For me - it has NOTHING to do about what is trendy or in fashion...and for that reason I have a hard time finding other bloggers who have my identical taste.

English, Victorian Antique Furniture, preferably dark wood
English Equestrian Design
French Design
Warm Vanilla-cream colored walls
Meaningful Collections displayed
Windows with wood grills, and cranks that open them outward.
Solid brass egg interior door knobs
Window seats
fire places - several
Animals in the house
leaded glass

Stark white - it feels cold and sterile to me.
Swedish style.. it is too minimalist
Western Country / Texas decor
Rustic Anything
..and DARE I SAY - that I will never paint an antique piece of furniture white and then proceed to bang it with a chain.. Shabby Chic is not my thing either!

You probably can get an idea by the pictures I have already posted anyway!

I hope I did not offend anyone - What I love you may hate ... and vice versa..


nancygrayce said...

I just can't come up with one particular style I like. I am very sentimental and love anything family. I love window seats, not that I have any.

We are thinking about building a little house on a piece of property we have and have just put up a pole barn and had electricity put in...put in? I'm not sure that's right but anyhow......I told my husband that I will design the house. :)

vivian said...

I will keep my eyes open. I like lots of different styles and my house is mix of lots of styles. MY motto is .. Whatever pleases! I really cant wait to see your dream house when its finished!

Dianne said...

Boy do I agree with your dislike list!!!!!! our likes are different but not our dislikes. xoxo

Lexie said...

You might try these: