Tuesday, September 13, 2011


First of all, I want to thank everyone for their kind concern and prayers. I feel very comfortable in saying that the Tri-county fires have been contained. they are not completely out.. but they seem to be under control. Roads are still closed and some families are still evacuated, but at least it is not burning wildly out of control. One of my dear riding friends lost her home. All of her family and animals are safe, but they had to evacuate so quickly that they lost almost everything else...so very very sad.

Don is doing well. We have a doctors appointment next Monday to get the information about when he will be starting the new drug treatment for Hepatitis C. The following Friday, we are going to the mandatory class about the new drug he will be taking; learning about the side effects and such. I will let you know what we learn.

Hurry Up and Wait.. seems to be the scenario of the electric company that we are dealing with. If they tell me they will have something to me by Monday, I have learned not to even look for it before Thursday. That has been disappointing. We are again waiting to see what the cost difference is to put the wires underground verses overhead. Overhead is suppose to be cheaper, although I cannot imagine why! Overhead, you have to deal with the large poles. Underground is well .. digging a hole and putting them underground. I don't know ... but we are STILL waiting to find out.

We have signed a contract to start a new fencing project. Well actually it is more like 3 fencing projects. 1 new area and 2 areas will be replacements. In the near future we will be playing musical chairs with our poor horses. I hope it cools down soon so they are not so stressed. Today again the temperatures will breech 100 degrees and we will be breaking record highs. Just last week we were breaking record lows. This weather is driving me a bit nuts!

...and finally for my favorite news....

We contacted our builder. He is also an architect and he is going to do the plans for our house! His name is Tom and 10 years ago when we worked together to build our barn-home, he was supposedly retired. When I called him, he told me he had suffered a heart attack but was on the road to recovery. I asked him if he wanted to start working on our house and he said that since it was me, he would be delighted. (grin) I explained that for now, we were just going to do the paper plans and were not expecting to break ground until, at the earliest, next year. He said that was fine and that was something he could comfortably do.

The above picture is of an exterior railing that I love. If you go back and look at the house picture, there is a portico that you drive under. Behind that area is a second story window where I think this would look just beautiful!


Michelle said...

Hopefully your new house has lots of bedrooms! Because we're all going to want to come for a visit to see it when it's done! lol

Julie said...

Michelle - you can come and visit me anytime you want!

Michelle said...

Texas has always been on my list of places to visit, so we'll have to make that happen!