Monday, August 22, 2011


As of TODAY... this is what is going on:

The local Hepatologist told me on Thursday afternoon, before he released Don to go home, that he would be calling me that afternoon to confirm who it was that we needed to see (team of doctors in Houston) in order for Don to get his hernia repaired and now possibly ?? getting his gall bladder Houston by one of the surgeons in the team of surgeons that the transplant doctor works with. call ever came...

On Friday, I called Don's transplant specialist to get the name of the General Surgeons that they work with. I called and asked for the soonest possible appointment, and was told it was the 30Th of August. After a brief hesitation (and a very deep breath) I explained to the nurse what we had already been though and asked if there was not something sooner. Nothing she replied. Then she asked if Don was in pain because of his hernia. I replied yes. She lowered her voice and suggested that we just 'check' him into the emergency room of the Houston hospital where we knew he would eventually have the operation anyway..

I thanked her and hung up the phone. I explained everything to Don and told him he would need to make the choice. He thought about it a lot and decided to just wait for our appointment on the 30Th.

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