Monday, August 22, 2011

Stress Tempered With Humor...

When Don and I check into the hospital for a procedure, the same routine is followed. We sign in, pay our co-pay and then the staff takes him back. After they get his IV started and he is changed into the traditional hospital gown, they come out and call me. I stay with him all the way up to moments prior to them putting him under.

There was a lot of discussion this time about Don being a high risk patient. His platelet count was low enough for the doctor to order 8 units of platelets for a transfusion. They opted to only give him 5 since all 5 were from one donor and there would be less of a chance of a negative reaction.

I usually sit on the side of his bed and just try to stay out of the way of the staff.. as I am so thankful that they allow me to follow him as long as they do. This time, I was with him in the procedure room while we waited for the final platelets to drop into his arm. Don seemed a bit tense. I knew it was not this days events (the colonoscopy and the endoscope done on the 18Th of August) that concerned him, but what was to be done the following day...

He grabbed my hand and pulled me down to him. I smiled and just looked at his face for a minute.

"You know that I love you." he said "..and that if anything happens.."

He hesitated and I rolled my eyes..."I just want you to know, that if there is ANY WAY POSSIBLE.. I will get you the winning lottery numbers!"

I laughed and laid my head down on his chest..."That would be quite a feat since I don't play the lottery...but thank you!"

God I love him...


Justabeachkat said...

Ha! I like his sense of humor. And yours.


Dianne said...

How is he doing Julie? I am praying for both of you. His sense of humor will get him through anything along with your strength and prayers.

vivian said...

God,humor and love will get your through the worst of times! thats awesome. hey.. tell him the girl who made him the little lamb would also like to win the lottery! lol!