Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Year Both Don & I Are Getting a Father's Day Gift!

We are going on an Alaskan cruise with Celebrity Cruise Line! As you may remember, we went on our first cruise with Celebrity last year to the Caribbean. We were so pleased that we are again returning to this cruise line.

The ship we are traveling on is called the Millennium. It is not as new as the Solstice but still gets a strong 5 star rating and wonderful reviews. Here is a picture of one of the dining rooms.

..and this is a basic drawing of the layout of our room.

We pray the weather is good so we will get to see this; Hubbard Glacier..

..and several of these..

..and hopefully lots of these...

....and Tons of these!!!

Okay - if I saw this.. I might think that I had died and gone straight to heaven!

Thanks to Jody.. a very good friend to whom we could not do this without .. because this kind soul is coming to live at our farm to care for our 32 animals!


RiderWriter said...

Wow, Julie, that's fantastic! You are really lucky to have someone you trust to "farm-sit." My son and I did it one weekend for a friend and we only had nine animals, including three horses, but it was pretty nerve-wracking. I was terrified someone would get injured or sick. As it turned out, one of the housecats pried up a vent cover and escaped into a heating duct... I was sure he would be cooked, but his mom hurried home and was able to coax him out unharmed. NOT GOOD for my nerves! Anyway, I'm glad you can go on this cruise. You and Don definitely deserve a break!

Michelle said...

That looks like it will be a blast! The weather up there should be really nice during the summer.
Where does the cruise start off?