Sunday, June 26, 2011

Alaskan Cruise - The Cabin

Since I work for an airline, I have access to really good travel deals. Since I crossed my 10 year anniversary with the company, Don and I get to fly anywhere the airline goes for free. Hotels and cruise lines know they too offer us last minute travel deals..and this is exactly why at the lat minute we got the chance to cruise to Alaska! There were a few rooms left on the Celebrity Millennium or "The Millie" as she is affectionately referred to. We not only got one, but got a suite!

Here is our beautiful room:

Champagne was waiting when we arrived.

This was the sitting area of our room where (get this) our BUTLER delivered fresh fruit, snack sandwiches and sweets as well as canapes every single day!!

This was our balcony. I cannot imagine taking a cruise without one..but many people do. I spent a lot of our time on the balcony, especially if Don wanted to sleep in.

Our closets were nice and large, stocked with 2 plush robes, a safe, 2 umbrellas (wish I had known that when I packed!) and a pair of binoculars.

Hey - you messed up the bed and I was not done taking pictures!

..and here is our bathroom. The room we had was handicap accessible which is why you see all of the bars ... other suites would have had a bathtub.

A welcome announcement was posted on our TV!

Fresh fruit bowls and canepes were waiting for us every single afternoon!!

Good bye Vancouver!!

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vivian said...

what a great suite you had! and the pictures you took of your views were gorgeous. I so glad you got away for a while Julie.. You both really deserved it!
welcome home and I hope you have a great week!