Sunday, June 26, 2011

Alaskan Cruise - Leaving Vancouver, BC

It was exciting to sail away, but we did wish we had an extra day to spend in Vancouver. Instead, we stayed on schedule, arriving in Vancouver the night before the cruise. I purchased 1 nights stay via name your own price on Price line and for $90.00 we won a suite in the Hilton at the Vancouver airport - the cheapest I found that hotel via any other avenue was $177.00!

The sail away scenery was really beautiful as we saw this..

..and this..

..and as we drifted further and further out to sea, I wondered if we would not have a good balcony view again until we reached Alaska. I was wrong. You see, there were plenty of curious onlookers...

A harbor seal came out to the ship to check us out.

...and even a small hump back whale too!


Michelle said...

That bridge you went under is the Lion's Gate Bridge. I used to live just near there.
Looks like you had a fantastic trip!

Hosanna said...

Wow, looks like an awesome trip! :)