Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heading to San Angelo..

..Friday to do the Sidesaddle demo / lecture with Patti at Fort Concho for Frontier Day. I am very excited about it and hope to meet more sidesaddle enthusiast's! She said 2 other ladies may be able to join us. I have no idea what to expect .. but I believe that this could be an annual event that we can make better and better every year!! Admission is free and they have free stabling for Oliver as well.. so we are going to stay the night instead of trying to do it all in one day. I am expecting a very exciting event because there will be demos of the artillery and some small arms. The Concho Cowboys will also be doing some shooting... but they have PROMISED that before any shooting occurs.. they will warn us .. so we can dismount like ladies..and not have to be rescued! I promise to take lots of pictures and have lots of stories to tell you next week!

Another VERY exciting thing that is happening is that Cindy finished my riding habit and is going to overnight it so I can take it with me! If you remember, I told you about my error of information about the type of fabric I needed.. so, she so graciously re-made the habit with a few detail changes and using a very light worsted wool fabric. Is this not to die for!!!


Kat aka Beachkat said...

Hi sweet friend! I haven't been by has been crazy busy and there's no end in sight since I'll be gone for a long weekend and then my grandchildren will be here next week. Life is good though so I'm not complaining!

It's been fun tonight catching up on your posts I've missed. I'm so sorry though to learn of Annie's death. So sad!


rindy said...

San Angelo is my hometown!