Monday, March 14, 2011


Week 1 - he was being lunged in the bull pen and would cut the corners it looked more like he was doing a square instead of a circle and he was scared to go out to the end of the rope. Wearing a simple surcingle, not attached to anything. Also wearing a headstall with bit - but being lunged off of a halter.

Week 2 - lunging out to the end of the rope and traveling in a circle. Lots of confidence - using his legs and neck straight up, shoulders back with head tucked... oh yes - and snorting!!! Just breath taking. Even the people in the big arena were looking at him. He got their attention when he was snorting! Same equipment as week 1.

Week 3 - Wearing surcingle with crupper, headstall w/bit attached to rubber side reins (no over check) I could tell he was confused by the new equipment. Slamming tail down over the crupper and playing with the side reins by extending head and neck forward - taking hold of the bit and stretching the side reins.

Week 4 - when this picture was taken. Getting used to the new equipment (same as previous week) using himself better .. but has lowered his head significantly. The guy who was lunging him would flip the lunge rope and he would raise his head for a few seconds - but then return it to the lower position. I am pretty sure this will be corrected when they add an overcheck.

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gowestferalwoman said...

Oh but lovely all the same!! I can hear the snorts from here :)!