Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 5

Fun Fact - Ever cracked open an egg and there was a small red spot inside of it? Do you think that it is because that egg was fertilized? The answer could be yes ... but it could also be NO! I have had 2 of those eggs since I have raised my chickens and I have never owned a rooster!

Well - here we are at day 5 already, about 1/4Th of the way through!! I have had a lot of problems with my borrowed incubator as the temperature has been unsteady as has the humidity. I keep learning as I go and wonder how many chicks might be sacrificed in the process.... hence why I keep praying over the little critters! I find my self checking the incubator setting as often as I can - even to the point of waking up no less than 5 times a night.. goodness - I don't think I lost this much sleep when I was incubating my very own children!!!

Anyway - here are the day 5 photos of what is going on inside a healthy egg, the first being the open egg followed by a candling picture.

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gowestferalwoman said...

g"is that why they call a hen whose sitting a *broody* hen ? "