Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 4.

By day 4 this is what you would 'see' if you were to open the egg. Someone asked me if you could eat fertilized eggs and the answer is yes! You just have to be diligent in collecting them daily - especially in warm weather and getting them into the refrigerator.

Edited to add that by "eating a fertilized egg" I only meant ones that had been collected and NOT incubated to any stage of development. Without the correct high temperature and high humidity, eggs will not develop. You could not tell if they were fertilized or not! I would not eat an egg that looked like this either!!

After today, the 'egg' pictures start to look a bit more 'embryo-ish'. I hope that this does not disturb anyone. I see it as yet another amazing creation of God. I will post videos of candling activity inside the eggs too!

Here is the candling picture from day 4:


SheMovedtoTexas said...

I couldn't even being to eat a fertilized egg, at least one that looks like that! But I'm so excited to see your chicks hatch soon :)

Laura M. said...

This is so cool! Thanks Julie :) I've wondered at a few eggs from our local producer, sometimes they look a little "ripe" when cracked. Taste just fine though!

vivian said...

how'd we get to day four already! Ive cracked eggs open and found "blood spots" (thats what Ive always called them). And I've tossed them out. didnt realize that were fertilized.. I guess I hadnt thought about it!
keep sharing!!