Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Real Story!

The real story from yesterday was what happened as we were TRYING to get to the doctors office!!!

You see, since both Don and I had to go to work after the visit, we decided to take our own cars all the way to my office, where I would leave my car and ride with Don the rest of the way into Houston. I left earlier than him so that I had time to fill my gas tank and get my car parked before he got there.

I was about 2 exits away from my destination when my phone rang. I dug through my purse to get it. Don was on the line.

"Bad News" he said.
"What do you mean?" I asked
"A lady almost sideswiped me as she was crossing over 4 lanes of traffic at once and I had to jerk my car over to the shoulder to avoid a collision. I must have picked up something when I did that, because my tire immediately went flat! Please come and get me."

"On my way." I told him as I exited the freeway only to make a U turn and track back 15 or so miles to get him.

He called this picture 'The Culprit'. I said he needed to send my a picture of the woman who forced him onto the shoulder to post with it!!


gowestferalwoman said...

Praise God it was only a flat and not worse - and that he has a Lady in shining armor" lol to rescue him!

Dianne said...

Never leave home without AAA!

Laura M. said...

Thank goodness he's safe! What is that in the tire though?