Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don's Doctor Appointment..

This probably is not going to make sense to someone who has not been following my blog for a while... unless you are a doctor or nurse!

Well - we have both good and bad news..

good -

1. cirrhosis is the same. Last biopsy was 2 years ago so we are happy that the liver has not degenerated any further!

2. possibly going to put him on an experimental drug as early as February.

3. no signs of cancer in the liver

4. Hep C load factor is 136,000. Many relapsers get Hep loads into the millions.

bad -

1. Don cannot tolerate the drug that helps his varaces go down, so they are going to proceed with the banding procedures very soon. This will mean several more over night stays at the hospital... (Oh goodie...not)

2. Don has to be tested for Lupus (Lupas??) He is showing some signs. His auto immune marker (blood test) is really high. Normal is 140. His is 640

3. 2 cysts on the liver .. but not causing any problems

4. platelet count is again down.. now to 66,000. Doctor said they would not stop treatment or do anything about it until the count gets to 25,000. Normal is 140,000 to 400,000.


gowestferalwoman said...

Praying for an excellent christmas for your family ~ and stronger health!

Laura M. said...

Praise God for the good news! We're keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers Julie <><