Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First a Story..

There was a widowed woman who lived in an older apartment building. Things were tight financially and although she had enough money for her rent and utilities, she found herself running very low on food. After doing all that she thought she could do to fix the situation, she decided that she needed to get down on her knees and ask God for a miracle.

"Dear God," she cried out. "I need your help. You said I could ask for anything in Jesus' name and it would be done for me. Jesus died on the cross for me and I am calling out to you. Please provide food for me in my time of need."

Downstairs a young man was coming home from a shopping trip and as he entered the living room, he could hear a sound coming from the vent. He pressed his head towards the vent and stood perfectly still. He could hear the widows cries. He looked back at the bags of food he had just purchased and immediately felt the desire to give it all to the lady.

"How should I do this though.." he thought. "I do not want her to know it is me..after all, we have never even met."

He decided to climb the stairs to the roof. It was there he found the fireplace vent shaft that led right down into the widows apartment and it was from there that he dropped the bags of food.

Plop! Plop! Plop! .. they landed on the fireplace grate with a loud thud. It startled the widow and she stopped praying to look over to see all the food, now rolling out of the bags and onto the floor. There was so much food, much more than she had prayed for.. enough for over a week!

"Oh thank you Lord Jesus!!!" She danced and sang and praised His name - so much and so loud that many of her neighbors could hear, even the young man who gave it to her.

As he heard her, he started to wonder if he should go and tell her it was he that gave the gift. After a moment, he decided that is what he should do.

He knocked on the widow's door. When she answered, he introduced himself and told her where he lived. He slowly told her the whole story and followed it with an apology for not just knocking on the door and giving her the food himself.
"So you see, it was me who dropped the food down the fireplace; not God" he told her.

She just smiled at him, tilted her head and answered, "You may have been the one God used to get the food to me, but make no mistake, it was GOD who softened your heart and led you to do His work!

They said their good-byes and she continued to Praise His Name!

I have a huge "thing" to tell you guys about ... but I am not quite ready... but I promise by next week, I will spill my guts!

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