Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Uggghhh - this hospital sofa is the most UNCOMFORTABLE thing.. It is so hard that I must turn over every hour or so...lest I end up with a bed sore!!! It screams "GO HOME"!

One of Don's docs came in this morning and told us the reason they are drawing so much blood on him... they are culturing it for infection. He told us nothing is growing as of yet...which is a good thing ..but still leaves us with a lot of questions. Where is the pain coming from? Why is his O2 level still low. He is on a low O2 - the kind that wraps around your face and his level is in the low 90's. That stuff is addicting . When they take him off of it - he is going to feel very fatigued. I want him to get up and walk around today..

My back hurts. I have one nerve that has given me trouble for about a year..and when it flairs up it feels like a knife.

Oh - want a laugh...last Saturday I got my hand gun license. I have been wanting to do that since we moved out to our farm.. cause I always said "why one would hear me if I did!" I am more protective over our animals though since we have seen bobcats, cougars, coyotes, wild pigs and rattle snakes! The only one of the above listed animals that I have not seen personally is the rattle snake. But I won't lie... there have been many times when I was alone and heard something and realized just how vulnerable I am. Plus - it kind of felt really good to shoot at something! ha ha .. I have a couple of pictures but they are on my memory card... which is in my camera.. at the farm.

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Ginger said...

There is nothing worse than hanging around the hospital, unless you are the patient, I guess. The time seems to drag out forever and it is so uncomfortable.
Hope you get some answers real soon as to what the problem is.
Good for you to get your handgun license. This day and age, you need protection, especially being out of the city.