Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Day of Fun...

First the kids got dressed up in their costumes.. Madison as Tinkerbell and Trestin as a Pirate!

Then we went to visit my Dad. We ate lunch with him.

Next, we met Uncle Jamie (my brother) and..

...and walked over to Hermann Park.

...where we waited ..

..for the train!

We took the train all the way to the zoo where they were having a celebration called The Zoo Boo!

Zoo Boo is an event at the Houston Zoo where children can come dressed up in their costumes and enjoy not only all the zoo animals, but also special treats and attractions. They give out candy as well as Zoo Boo tattoos.

They had huge coloring posters..

..and a beautiful carousel.

..and when Trestin started to get tired, Uncle Jamie was there to give him a lift!


Dianne said...

So glad you had family fun yesterday. Your dad looks great...I hope he is feeling more like his old self. I am praying for Don. The wedding is this friday. yikes!!!! Busy around here.Hopefully G will stay well.

Ginger said...

Oh how adorable those kids are. Glad all of you had such a great time. Your dad seemed happy to see them. Hope he is doing a lot better.