Thursday, August 5, 2010

Please PRAY!!

Our Granddaughter, Madison is on her way to the Emergency Room right now ... they think she may have appendicitis. She is 4. Poor baby... Please stop what you are doing for a moment and offer up a prayer for her....cause that is just too young to have surgery....or to be sick!


Ginger said...

Oh no...I hope she doesn't need surgery, poor kid. I will say a prayer. Keep us posted.

Kat said...

Julie, I just stopped and prayed for this adorable child! Keep us updated.


Dianne said...

Praying for Madison. Thinking about all of you. xoxo

vivian said...

prayer sent! be sure to update us.
poor baby.

elizabeth said...

Prayers being said - and called husband in to let him know too.