Thursday, August 5, 2010

2 More Days ~ Excursions!!!

Our first stop will be Puerto Rico..San Juan. We sadly do not get to spend a while day here - so we booked a tour to go zip lining through the trees in the rain forest! I actually have wanted to do this since I saw another blogger post about it on her blog!
Everyone tells me it is not as strenuous as it looks ..but Very Thrilling!! We will take a van to the top of the mountain..and basically zip line down! Oh how I wish I could find a way of taking my good camera with us ... without it getting destroyed. Oh well - the small point and shoot will have to do.
While in the St. Thomas port, I really wanted to go snorkeling...but the best beach to snorkel from in St. Thomas is in a bad area (lots of drug and gang activity) we decided to take this boat..
..over to Trunk Bay in St. John, where the coral reefs are superior to anything St. Thomas has to offer anyway! Don loves I think he will enjoy the ride as much, if not more than the activities!

..and our last stop will be in St. Marten. We did not want to actually book a tour here..just relax and walk around and do a little bit of shopping. However, there is one place I have to go...especially since I work for an airline - Maho Beach! Maho beach is exceptional because right on the other side is the airport. These next pictures are NOT doctored up.. The planes really do come this close as they are landing!!


Jeni said...

I think I saw that airport on discovery channel "Worlds most extreme airports" show. People would hang on the fence when the jets would take off.

Sounds like a great trip. Enjoy yourselves and relax.

gowestferalwoman said...

Those last shots do not make me feel relaxed and refreshed...

But for someone who works at an!

And wants to zipline at high altitude through a rainforest...("gee mom, cant you guys just walk on the ground like the other tourists?")

I think you and your husband are in for a once in a lifetime treat!
Have a safe journey and please bring us back photos!

Helen said...

I've been to St. Martin .. both French and Dutch sides. I simply fell in love with the island life there. And actually participated in their "Carnival" ... talk about a wild event!

Laura M. said...

Oh Julie!!! I am so incredibly jealous of your Maho Beach trip! I've wanted to go there ever since I saw my first pictures of it on Sounds like you and Don are going to have tons of fun :)