Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chicken Coop Building 101

So we started our chicken coop yesterday. Well, yesterday I was by myself since Don had to work and here is what I got done. First of all let me say that I was thrilled that many of the supplies needed we already had - like these bricks that I had to use to level the floor.

I was shocked to see how much of a slope there was for only 8 feet. There was a 4 inch difference.

Along with the concrete bricks, I used a cedar board that we had too. This worked really well because it allowed me to nail the 2 4x8 pieces of plywood to the cedar board making it more stable.

Okay - so now it is almost perfectly level.

Here is the plywod floor all nailed down and level.

I decided after reading a lot of information to use some vinyl flooring, again something we had left overs of. Wood shavings will be put down on top of this vinyl flooring right before the chickens go in. Since this is a chicken coop I rolled it out over the plywood and nailed it down before starting to assemble the base of the frame.

This is one of the frame brackets.

another shot of the vinyl flooring rolled out over the plywood and under the base frame.

The wall and rafters are built on the ground - like this.

This is what it looked like after I cut away the excess vinyl. This is where I had to stop. I needed another person (Hi Don!) to help raise the framing pieces and get them connected.


Gayla said...

Whoo Whoo! I. Am. Impressed@@@!!!!

The Snyder Family said...

I am impressed too. Now I am excited to see more pictures and the final chicken coop!

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