Friday, January 8, 2010

A Bit More About Adoption...

Since I blogged the information about my adoption, I have received so many nice comments left here - or direct e-mails since I openly post my e-mail address.
Thank you!

I also have been asked a few questions that I would like to answer..

1. How do you feel about your natural Mother?

I admire her. I try to imagine being unmarried and pregnant in the early 1960's. The shame and embarrassment must have been overwhelming and I would not chide her if she seriously thought about (illegally) ending the pregnancy.

2. What would you do if she...(being my natural Mother) found you?

That is a hard one. I would probably meet her if she so wished. I would certainly want to thank her for what she did. Beyond that though, would depend entirely on what God guided me to do.

3. Anything else interesting having to do with being adopted?

I grew up with a girl who lived down the street from me. She also was adopted, but at the age of 2 months, not at birth like I was. Every single doll that she owned, she named Sally. I still remember that to this day. I also remember as a teenager, she was almost obsessed about finding out about her birth family. If you have not already guessed - this girls first birth name was Sally!

Nothing like that has ever happened to me...although I get a very deep sense that she has been praying for me over the years. When I was about 17 years old, things started to happen in my life that were coordinated by God ..I know it as I know the color of a clear sky is blue.


Karena said...

I adore my mother and she turns 80 this year, she is one of the admirable people I know. One of my sister's gave a baby girl up for adoption when she was very young...guess what, Leslie arrived on my parents doorstep one day saying she believed she was their granddaughter. My sister had put letters in her adoption folder year after year!

Julie said...

Karena - there were no letters in my file when I called about the medical history information.

Helen said...

You are grounded and wise ... more so than most! Thank you for sharing these personal thoughts.

bj said...

What a sweet sweet girl you are, Julie. Your birth mother was very brave to trust that you would go to a wonderful family, which I know you did.
Thanks for sharing this with us...
xo bj