Monday, December 28, 2009

Does This Saddle Make My Butt Look Big?

..or does my butt look big simply because I have been eating like a pig over the holidays??

Yes - DIET SEASON is now in session!

I am currently at 138 and need to be down to 130 by my next show in early February!


The Urban Chic said...

Julie, I only gained 3 lbs and it was before Christmas, but they weighed me on the 23rd and I was at 126. For my age, height, and body frame, they want me down to 119---that's a little too skinny for me. I love your blog header. We rarely get snow, but we do get ice that looks like the trees. Good luck with your weight loss---I know you can do it. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and Many wishes for a Blessed New Year. Love and hugs, Pat

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Oh Julie, I laughed so hard over that picture! That beautiful horse with a tiny little saddle! See, just wear "big clothes". I too put on a few pounds over the holidays. Cheesecake will do that to me. You're staying focused. That weight will come off! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

RiverBend Farm said...

Julie, you had me on the floor laughing at that one. That's hilarious! I had to pick myself up and go change my pants!
I love your new header picture. It's beautiful.

Helen said...

Oh my! 138 is a dream weight for me. 148 would be a dream. Even 150 would be heaven! You are inspiring me!

vivian said...

girlfriend! I wouldnt even dream of telling you what my weight is!
but I hope you lose your extra few pounds quickly and painlessly! When I lose the rest of my wieght and am feeling proud of myself I might reveal the big secret number! lets just say Ive lost 32 pounds and have 38 to go!!!

Cathy Miller said...

We'll be dieting at our house too come next week. My husband is going on his first ever "eating plan" and starting to run again. We have a LOT of candy to eat between now and then! Good luck!

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