Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please Pray for Chrissy..

She is in a vet hospital tonight.

I found her in our bathroom breathing hard and salivating more than normal. I noticed she was having a difficult time walking..but no matter what, she would not leave my side. I called the vet and made an appointment. Moments later she was in a full blown seizure. I called the vet again to tell them I was on my way in and why. Don scooped her up and put her into the truck. I drove 90 MPH with my emergency lights on. Chrissy again had a seizure on the 20 minute drive in. I started to cry, trying to hold her on the seat and keep control over our truck.

When I arrived at the vets office, once again Chrissy seized. They gave her an injection, took her vitals, put an IV line in and ran an oxygen tube up her nose. The whole time they were doing this they were asking me questions about what Chrissy had done & eaten that day. I recalled NOTHING out of the ordinary..until I remembered that I had treated her with this:"Where did you get it?" the vet asked me.
"At our local feed store."
Without hesitation, they grabbed my Chrissy and submerged her into a soaking tank. They scrubbed her with soap and water, especially in the spots where I had applied the Advantage. The vet told me that Advantage was only suppose to be sold by vets and that a different product, under the same name and manufacture was now being sold in other establishments that was much more toxic - especially to cats.

My poor Chrissy girl suffered 4 terrible seizures today because of this chemical...a chemical that I applied on her. She is doing better. She is off her oxygen and thankfully has not had anymore seizures, but we do not know what damage she may have because of the ones she did have. I am just heartbroken about this. Please send up a prayer for my sweet Chrissy.


common ground said...

Dear Julie, I am praying for Chrissy and for the two of you, that you may have peace and confidence in her care and recovery.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Chrissy has our prayers. Thank you so much for the "heads up" on the Advantage...--C

Terry said...

What is Advantage? I know how scary it is when your pet is having seizures, our yellow lab suffered hours of seizures and isn't so hard to watch and not be able to do anything. Our dog, Storm is okay now, we figured that he ate something bad, but we'll never know for sure.
I hope this turn out okay for all of you!

vivian said...

aww!! poor chrissy! Ive heard that we shouldnt buy the advantage medications over the counter or on line. I just took my kittens to the vet yesterday adn he gave me some advantage for them, which now I'm afraid to use!
I hope you baby is ok now and does not have any lasting damage.
poor Julie.. enough already!!

Susan said...

Dear Julie,
I'm so sorry about Chrissy. I pray that she'll be OK now. Thanks for telling us about Advantage. I don't understand why companies would sell drugs that are so dangerous. It doesn't take much to harm a small dog or cat. You'd think they'd sell a weaker version to other outlets not a stronger one.
Lots of hugs, Susan

Jill said...

Prayers for sweet Chrissy. We stopped using the Advantix Plus (also mfgd by Bayer) as our dogs were itching beyond belief. Part of our control now is to apply Diatomaceous Earth (not the kind for swimming pools) to all areas of the lawn, their bedding and kennels. I know other breeders who spray or apply it directly to their pets. Keep us posted on Chrissy?

Brenda Eason said...

I am so sorry. It isn't your fault and you must not take the blame.
I just lost my baby and I know it is heart breaking to even have one sick.
Praying for her.

Ginger said...

Oh poor Chrissy. I hope she makes a full recovery. I've seen some kind of advantage being advertised on tv. Don't know if it is the same stuff or not.

Nina Diane said...

oh Julie....I'm so sorry that happened. I can't even imagine how scared you were!

for the love of a house said...

My heart just breaks for you. I am so, so sorry for poor Chrissy.
Just a couple of weeks ago on the national evening news there was a report on this very topic/product. Some dogs suffered burns from the product. All purchased from stores instead of the vet.
However, I write this so that you don't feel bad...I purchased the flea & tick product from my vet, and my dog had a horrible reaction to it for days. It was so bad that I swore then I would never use it again... I purchased a supposed "natural" product and applied it for the first time yesterday. The smell was so awful that within minutes of my dog not leaving my side and looking at me asking me for help, I had her in the shower washing it off. So, I don't think it is just the product you used. I think this is a huge problem that is just now coming to the public's attention.

Sending puppy prayers to you & Chrissy.

Neabear said...

My goodness. Hard to believe a product caused all that. I hope she is okay.