Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Viral Load Test - Chapter 31

Don's Viral Load test was Monday the 29th of March. We will get the results on Tuesday April 7th.

Enlarge this so you can read it.How does this chart apply to Don?
1. + Weight: Don is not overweight - nor has he ever been.

2. + Race: Don is White.

3. + Age: I think since Don was 49 when we started this is a good thing.

4. - Sex: He is a He.

5. + Diabetes: Don does not have diabetes.

6. - Genotype: Don has the most difficult Hepatitis genotype to treat - Type 1.

7. + Viral Load: Don's viral load at the start of treatment was 400,000 - way below the level listed here!

8. ? Early Virologic Response: We did not have a Viral Load test done at 4 weeks - so we do not know yet how he is responding to the chemotherapy.

9. - Fibrosis Score: This would be low for him since his liver is in the early stages of cirrhosis.

10. - Dose of Drugs: Early on, we had to cut his Interferon injections by half since his platelet count dropped so low.

11. + Treatment duration: So far there has been no reason that he has had to stop his treatments.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Still praying for good response, Julie. --Susan

Susan said...

Looks like good news so far! We'll keep praying.
Hugs, Susan

bj said...

Still praying...

Nina Diane said...

seems like a lot of positives so we'll keep thinking positive and keep on praying.....