Wednesday, April 1, 2009


OH MY GOD.... Just how incompetent can people be??? Don just got a call from the doctors office and the lab where all his blood work is done called to say that they LOST his blood! Just how do you lose blood anyway????

This was the blood drawn for the Viral Load test we are so impatiently waiting for. We are suppose to get the results next Tuesday. Will we get them with the new blood taken today??...I have no idea.

What is worse.. I have to leave next Wednesday to go to Oklahoma City to cover a horse show for 4 days. I don't want Don to get any news - good or bad, without both of us being there together.


Michelle said...

Wow, any doctor's office that "loses" blood is definitely not a good thing. That's just unacceptable!!

Helen said...

Seems like a hard thing to do ~ lose a blood sample! However in these days, with staff and budget cuts and one person doing the job of two or more people, I can see how it could happen. Take a deep breath ... hopefully you will have the information you need before heading off to the horse show. My granddaughter rides and has participated in many shows ... I know how special they are. And I also know how much YOU need to do this.

Brenda Eason said...

This is nuts and then we wonder why we don't trust others. i could tell you some sad stories about mix ups on my clients if they didn't have someone with them at all times. Im so sorry.

Ginger said...

You can't be serious...but of course you are. Something that important and they lose it? I would be livid. I would be wanting to say, this is not an April fools joke is it? Julie, sometimes I wonder how you cope with all the stuff going on. I hope they find it, but if not, I hope that they put a rush on a new blood sample.

vivian said...

well that sucks! I dont blame you for being upset. I cant imagine losing someones blood either. have you called to complain yet?
hang in there.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

It's no wonder they were dragging their feet in getting you the results. They didn't want to admit they blew it!!! It would have been better to just come out with it and him retested right away than having to wait.