Monday, March 30, 2009

More Family News..

Just in case you have never met...let me introduce you to my oldest daughter - Emily! Emily is married to a wonderful man, Daren who is serving our country in the Air Force. They have 2 adorable kiddos named Madison and Trestin. Guess what? They are also looking for their very first home in AZ.!!!

Taking advantage of the market, just like Joy did, here are some homes they have bid on..

..and this beautiful one! (my favorite!)I know the economy is bad and that it has been hard on some...but a part of me is really happy that out of this bad economy - both of my girls will be able to afford their very own homes ...and really nice ones too! Is it okay for me to be jealous??? snicker snicker!


bj said...

Good luck to them!!

Cathy said...

What a beautiful daughter and she has a beautiful family! Good Luck house hunting..

{{Big Hugs}}