Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please pray that my dog gets well.

One of my dogs was hit by a car last night. He survived - but may have some neurological problems. He was not run over - but hit.

I don't get home until it is pitch black outside when I let the inside dogs out to go to the bathroom...once they get 5 feet away from me - I cannot see them. Well, this one dog - if he is left alone for long enough, will make his way out to the road. He must have seen something and maybe he chased something out to the road - because he had not been out for more than a few minutes. I did not hear anything. I just knew that when I brought out the female dog and he did not come to greet her - something was very wrong.

I found him laying in the middle of the road - completely unconscious. I picked him up and he seemed stiff ...and it was way too soon for rigermortis to have set in. I carried him over to the drive and he whimpered a bit. He is so heavy, I was unable to carry him all the way up to the barn. I tried to flag someone down to help - or to use their cell phone ..but no one would stop. I was forced to leave him there while I ran back to the barn, put Chrissy up and got the truck.

By the time I got back to KC, he was still lying on the ground - but had managed to turn himself in the other direction. He was barking, howling and I could hear a gurgling sound coming from his mouth. It was so dark, I could not really assess the damage.

I got out of the truck, and took a blanket to wrap him up in, but when I approached him, he jumped up and ran off. I had to chase him down the road! I was so frightened that he was going to run out in front of another car again. I almost had to lunge my body on top of him to catch him, but I did.

I drove to the closest vet - which was still over 20 minutes away. KC howled the entire way there...and I do not mean a cry howl, but more like a coyote howl. I actually beat the vet to the office and the cleaning crew was nice enough to let me in. Once I got KC on the table, I was finally able to get a good look at him. He had blood coming from his nose. His tongue and gums were a good color though. He was panting very hard and continued to bark and howl.

The vet arrived and checked him out after listening to the story. He said that he thought KC probably had some damage to his jaw, but did not seem to have a skull fracture. No retinal bleeding could be seen, but he could have had a concussion. He gave him pain medication and another drug to stop any brain swelling. He sent me home with injections to give KC every 4-6 hours and told me to keep him very confined. I was also to watch him for seizures.

I felt better after the appointment - but something was not 'right' about KC. He seems to not be there mentally.. He made it through the night. He panted all night - and heavily until 3am. Obviously - either he has a fracture or swelling that is obstructing the airway in his nose. He would not drink from his bowl. I had to use an asepto syringe (a turkey baster), hold his head up and put water in the side of his mouth until he would swallow. I am sorry now I did not insist that the vet put an IV in him.

I took him outside this morning and laid him in the grass. I almost had to remind him that he could walk...but when he did, he walked like a drunk and then fell down. He would not go to the bathroom. I took him back upstairs. A girlfriend came over at 5:30am so I could show her how to give him his shot. She is coming back at 11am to give him one today. I am on early shift and will get off at 2pm so I can go home and take him back to the vet for another (anti brain swelling) shot and x-rays. I pray that time will heal him and bring him back to who he was...the happy little Corgi I have owned for 10 years.


Susan said...

I'm so sorry, Julie, that your little guy is hurt! I will pray for him. I just cried when I read about his being hit and having trouble walking.

Hugs for you and him, Susan

Amy said...

Bless your heart! It's so sad when your puppies get hurt.

Sounds to me like there might be some swelling on the brain, I agree with the vet. But maybe when the swelling goes down, he'll return to normal. Sometimes, their vertigo goes haywire when the brain is swollen (that's what happened to my old puppy). Hang in there, and take it one day at a time!

Ginger said...

Oh Julie, I'm so sorry to hear about your lovable KC getting hit. Sad that someone hit him and then left him alone. I hope he will be okay and back to normal soon.
Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

My prayers for you and your Corgi. I read your blog frequently because you and I share a love/ownership of horses and Corgis. I will pray for your little guy that he quickly recuperates. It is really fortunate that you did find him and were able to get him to the vet. Take care of yourself....Sandy
PS I agree with Amy, one day at a time.

pedalpower said...

Oh my goodness, I'm sooo sorry this happened. It's heartbreaking when they are hurt. I'll definitely keep you and your pup in my prayers. Hopefully, he'll be back to his old self soon.

vivian said...

oh julie! I'm sorry about your dog! how awful. It almost sounds like he has amnesia! I hope he recovers VERY soon and I will keep him (and you) in my prayers! already sent one up!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh Julie, I'm so sorry to hear about this? You must have been scared to death. How in the world could you drive with the poor baby crying and howling? I'm happy to read that he seems to be doing a little better.

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, my heart breaks to hear this. But I'm sooooo glad to hear your sweet pup is getting better every day!