Monday, September 1, 2008

How Much Does it Cost to Feed a Horse?

We currently have 8 horses on our farm and this is what I buy every week. Roughly 700 pounds of feed, 1 bale of hay and 1 bale of alfalfa. Most of the horses eat pasture hay though.

Horses kept in the barn require baled hay and shavings for their stalls. Currently we have 2 horses living in the barn. Each bag of feed costs about $10.00 - so it costs $18.00 per week in feed for each horse. There are cheaper feeds, but the one we use works best for our horses.


justabeachkat said...

Interesting. I'm actually surprised. I thought it would cost more.


('s the diet going?)

Sandy said...

Like Kat I thought it cost more to get a horse - now I can talk hubby into getting one for our 53 acres huh? Most of it will be planted in hay this next year.
Have a wonderful week.

CIELO said...

My goodness! I bet horses are a lot of work, but then again, when you love something work is not the only thing involved.... oh, and by the way, the House in the Roses is having a Window Party this Friday, and wish you could participate.... only thing you need to do is show us your favorite window of your home.... it promises to be fun! come see!