Wednesday, August 13, 2008

..Working a Horse - Daily!

This is what I do with Dominus almost every single day. Remember - he is only 3 years old! First I tack him up inside the barn.(put on the saddle, bridle and other equipment)

Then I lunge him inside an arena.(let him trot and canter upon my command around me)..first this way..

...and then that way. Hey - it is time to repaint that fence!

Then very carefully, I mount him, again inside the arena.

We go this way...

..and that way. Sometimes I have to duck to avoid getting strung up by my hair in the low hanging branches! Such a great picture of Dominus - what a shame I look like a Hunch Back!

If all goes well, I take him out into the open pasture that borders my neighbors farm.

We trot and canter in both directions. Some non-horsey people do not understand that just as we are either right or left handed - horses have easier diagonals and canter leads. They have to be taught to pick up the correct one upon least if you plan on showing them! Dominus is very even in both directions. This is one nice horse!

It was a good workout and we are both very sweaty and tired. Now I take him back into the barn. The tack is removed and he gets a bath....and that is when my regular chores begin!Thankfully today though I got a big break. Don was home and he helped me feed and clean stalls. He was also the photographer of today's post. Thank you Honey!


Susan said...

What beautiful pictures! The post was interesting too. It's fun to learn about something so different from my life.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Julie, Dominus is STUNNING! These pictures are beautiful, framable! You are such a natural with horses and you look beautiful and so happy with him!

I love lingerie too! One piece a year at La Perla is about all I can do though, lololol!


Lynne Laura said...


He is must just adore him!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Em said...

I miss taking those pictures, or even video taping for you. He looks great from what I can see in the photos. His neck, OMG!
He looks awesome, hopefully if we get to come home for Christmas I will get a chance to see you ride him.
Love you!

The Urban Chic said...

Julie, what a beautiful horse. You look like a natural with them. I am finally getting more time to visit blogs and I always go to the horse show first, I love to watch them. Thanks for joining in on my Birthday Giveaway. I do hope you have time to craft. Hugs, Pat

vivian said...

awesome! I think its so cool to see people with their horses. I have a friend that has a couple, but Im very leary of them. they are just so big! LOVED your pictures today!!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh he is a beauty! I'm glad you found your passion again! My sister realized when her kids were approaching College age that she had no hobbies...she bought a horse and her life has never been the same!